Solentim & Valitacell announce €3.5m funding

A consortium, consisting of Valitacell, Solentim and Microcoat, has been awarded €2.5million under the highly competitive H2020 Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) initiative, and a further €1million from other sources

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Aaron Figg, Director
"We strive to support our customers in developing more and better biopharmaceuticals to treat patients. By continually innovating to create unique and unrivalled technologies, we bring practical solutions to the problems of the drug discovery and development process"

Optimising workflows

We provide solutions for customers working across cell line development:

Novel Biotherapeutics

Isolate, screen and characterise attributes for clones producing novel recombinant proteins e.g. monoclonal antibodies or therapeutic proteins for rare diseases

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Biosimilars and Biobetters

Generate stable cell lines to create equivalents (Biosimilars) or improved versions (Biobetters) of existing blockbuster therapeutic antibodies for which the patent has, or will shortly, expire

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Gene Therapy & CAR-T

Develop new, stable, producer cell lines manufacturing viruses to subsequently infect target cells of patients

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Gene Editing & Cell Engineering

Optimise your drug discovery process using targeted gene editing to create stable cell lines as cellular reagents, for use in target validation, functional genomics and disease modelling

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"How a Top-5 Pharma Doubled the Speed of Cell Line Development"

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Valitacell and Solentim secure €3.5m funding to optimise the development of new biologics and cell therapies

Left to right: Ian Taylor, CCO, Solentim; Jerry Clifford, COO, Valitacell; Aaron Figg, Director, Solentim; Carolanne Doherty, Sales & Marketing Manager, Valitcell A consortium, consisting of

Solentim, along with collaborator Janssen, and partners ATUM and Valitacell, will be making a splash at BPI Europe

Solentim, a global leader in cell line development instrumentation, will be attending and exhibiting at BPI Europe, 2-5 April, in Vienna, Austria. Experts from the Company will be on hand

Important considerations for optimising outgrowth from single cells in cloning plates during cell line development

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Solentim, a global leader in cell line development instrumentation, will be attending IMAPAC’s Biologics World Nordic event, 5-7 March in Stockholm. Experts from the Company will be on hand throughout

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Solentim is delighted to announce it will be speaking and exhibiting at BioProcess International Asia (BPI Asia), taking place 27-28th February in Tokyo, Japan. BPI Asia is a truly international event,

Valitacell and Solentim announce collaboration to accelerate discovery and development of biologic drugs and advanced cell therapies

  21st February 2019: Valitacell, a biotechnology company transforming cell-based manufacturing, and Solentim, a global leader in cell line development instrumentation, today announced a new collaboration to enable earlier identification

Solentim to Present and Exhibit at the ELRIG “CRISPR in Drug Discovery 2019” Conference in Oxford, UK

NEWS – Bournemouth, 11th February 2019: Solentim, a global leader in cell line development instrumentation, is pleased to announce they will be attending the ELRIG CRISPR in Drug Discovery 2019: From

Collaboration: changing CLD practices

In January 2019 Solentim, a global leader in cell line development (CLD) instrumentation, and bioengineering company ATUM, announced a technology partnering and collaboration agreement to enable rapid, high expression, stable cell