Solentim & ATUM announce technology collaboration

Integrating Solentim’s VIPS™ hardware for isolating single cells with ATUM’s efficient Leap-In Transposase® expression technology, enable rapid, high expression, stable cell line development

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About Solentim

Aaron Figg, Director

Solentim is a life sciences instruments company which enables customers to develop an increased number of new and better biopharmaceuticals by providing practical, innovative solutions to help with the challenges of drug discovery and development.

Commercial stable cell line development for biopharmaceutical production and gene therapy is a high value process which is inherently expensive and historically takes a significant amount of time. Solentim® has established itself over the past eight years as a significant leader and innovator of new products in the cell line development arena.

The Cell Metric® product range of bright field imaging stations has a large global installed base of customers, and is recognised as the leader for documenting proof of clonal origin for Master Cell Banks in IND filings to the medicines regulators.

Solentim’s second product range - an automated single cell cloning system called VIPS™ - combines single cell printing into microtiter plates with whole well imaging for clonality.

We help to optimise workflows

Providing solutions for customers working in cell line development in these areas…

Therapeutic Antibody Production

Customers who need to develop, bank and scale up stable cell lines for producing recombinant therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

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Biosimilars and Biobetters

Customers developing stable cell lines which make equivalents (Biosimilars) or improved versions of existing blockbuster therapeutic antibodies where the patent has or will expire shortly

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Gene Editing & Cell Engineering

Customers in drug discovery using targeted gene editing to make stable cell lines as cellular reagents for target validation, functional genomics and disease modelling

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Gene Therapy & CAR-T

Customers involved in vector development who are making stable producer cell lines for virus production which will then be used to infect target cells

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Antibody Discovery

Customers working with hybridomas and B cells to discover novel antibody sequences and produce diversity of antibodies. These groups may also be involved in the development of diagnostic antibodies


"How a Top-5 Pharma Doubled the Speed of Cell Line Development"

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