Single Cell Printing and Whole Well Imaging – All in one

The VIPS™ single cell printer is a truly unique product in that it can dispense single cells into microtiter plates and image the whole well immediately to confirm arrival of a single cell. This proprietary approach from Solentim means that a separate imaging step is not required.

For higher throughput groups, running multiple projects, the VIPS can also be coupled directly with the Cell Metric CLD for the most complete image documentation and audit trail.

About Solentim

Commercial stable cell line development for biopharmaceutical production and gene therapy is a high value process which is inherently expensive and takes a significant amount of time.

Solentim® has established itself over the past seven years as a significant leader and innovator of new products in the cell line development arena.

Our Cell Metric® product range of bright field imaging stations has a large global installed base of customers, and we are recognised as a leader for documenting proof of clonal origin for Master Cell Banks in filings to the regulators.

We have most recently introduced a second-generation single cell printing system called VIPS, for customers that are looking for a simpler, more reliable alternative to FACS and limiting dilution

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