Trusted Workflows for High Value Cells

Solentim is the trusted global leader for solutions to create, isolate, and characterize the highest value cells for the development of new biological medicines, including cell and gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and stem cells.

Our customers, which include the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotherapeutics companies, achieve accelerated development of their master cell banks and are confidently prepared for regulatory review.

Launch of ICON™ and STUDIUS™ | January 25, 2021

New Products for an Integrated Cell Line Development Workflow

Solentim Products

Instruments and enabling reagents for high efficiency single cell seeding and rapid daily imaging capturing multiple pieces of evidence of clonal derivation, Solentim encapsulates best practice for IND submission.
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Cell Based Development Workflows

Offering a range of accelerated workflows with built in evidence of clonal derivation for cell line development, viral vector production for gene therapy and vaccine manufacturing.

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Solentim Insights and News

The latest insights and news for the high value cell community. Includes webinars, podcasts and blogs.

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On-Line Product Demos

Evaluating Technology at a Distance – register for a range of detailed and immersive on-line activities.

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"Establishing New Standards in Efficient Single Cell Cloning of hiPSCs"

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