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About Solentim

Solentim is a Life Sciences company, founded in 2010, specialising in Cell Line Development for the discovery and production of Bio-Pharmaceuticals market sector. The company is based outside Bournemouth, UK and sells internationally including to many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Our customers develop new bio-therapeutics (such as monoclonal antibodies) used to treat a variety of diseases including cancer, auto-immune diseases, cardiovascular disease and many others. Their developmental approaches require the establishment and stable continual production of ‘cell lines’ of living mammalian cells that were originally derived from a single cell (‘Clonally derived’).

Our products are used in the cell line development workflow to isolate single cells, generate evidence that this has been successfully achieved and to subsequently monitor cell growth.

The importance of single cells

A clonally derived cell line is considered to consist of a genetically identical population of cells which is important and more beneficial than generating a mixed population because there are two main drivers influencing the need for clonally derived cell lines: firstly, product quality and therefore drug safety and secondly, production sustainability.

For product quality and safety, it is simpler to characterise and validate product quality produced from a genetically identical population rather than a mixed population.

For production sustainability, when producing product at industrial sized scales (millions of cells), a genetically identical population is considered less susceptible to small production changes therefore reducing the risk of product supply issues.

Both of these views are supported by the drug regulators including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Solentim’s Products

In 2011 Solentim launched the Cell Metric® product range, which is used to identify single cells and monitor their subsequent growth. A report including images can then be collated and provided to the drug regulators as part of a package of evidence demonstrating the single cell origin of a cell line that will ultimately be used to produce a therapeutic, such as a monoclonal antibody.

In 2017 Solentim launched the VIPS™ (Verified In-situ Plate Seeding) product, which isolates single cells into individual wells in microtitre well plates, ready for the Cell Metric to identify them.

Solentim continues to invest heavily in its research and development pipeline, to continue to bring innovative new products to the drug development market over the coming years.

Our vision

To improve medicine for heathier, longer lives

Our mission

To enable our customers to develop more and better biopharmaceuticals to treat patients, by bringing practical innovation to the problems of the drug discovery process

Our values

We are a global company with staff based in Europe, Asia and the USA. Our products are used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies all over the world. We are a fast growing, innovative organisation with a strong team of highly-skilled, talented individuals working together in a friendly, creative and fast-paced, environment – all striving to make a difference to the lives of patients

  • We continually innovate for practical results
  • We strive to improve all that we do
  • We use resources effectively for tremendous outcomes
  • We support individuals so we can thrive together

Experience & Expertise

Our expertise and experience runs deep and sets us apart from our competitors.  We understand the science and the technology; the workflows and the potential blockages; the challenges faced by our customers and the solutions that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their work.

Please get in touch to talk to an expert about your area of work.

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