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About Solentim

Solentim is the trusted global leader for solutions to create, isolate, and characterize the highest value cells for the development of new biological medicines, including cell and gene therapies, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and stem cells. For our customers, which include most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotherapeutics companies, we are the partner of choice for facilitating the highest level of assurance in cell line development for therapeutic protein and viral vector production. 

Our portfolio of proven and innovative cell line development instruments (including VIPS™, Cell Metric® and Cell Metric® CLD) are designed for single cell cloning and assurance of monoclonality. Combined with enabling reagents (including InstiGRO™ and Leap-In Transposase®) from our partners, and our unparalleled domain expertise, we transform the speed and efficiency of clonally-derived Master Cell Bank development. Our customers trust in our technology to ensure they are confidently prepared for regulatory review. 

Solentim is a UK-based life sciences company specialising in cell line development instruments for the bio-pharmaceutical sector

Our customers develop new bio-therapeutics (such as monoclonal antibodies) used to treat a variety of diseases including cancer, auto-immune diseases, cardiovascular disease and many others. The establishment and reliable continued production of stable ‘cell lines’, originally derived from a single cell (‘Clonally derived’), is a crucial element to these workflows.

Our products play a key role in the cell line development (CLD) workflow, isolating single cells, evidencing that this has been successfully achieved, and subsequently monitoring cell growth. By streamlining this process, our technology makes CLD workflows shorter, more effective, intelligent and reliable.

The importance of single cells

A clonally derived cell line consists of a genetically identical population of cells. This is important for both product quality, and in turn drug safety, and for production sustainability, and is therefore preferable over generating a mixed population.

With regards to product quality and safety, recombinant proteins produced from a genetically identical population, rather than a mixed population, are simpler to characterise and validate, and should provide for a more homogeneous product.

For production sustainability, when producing a product at industrial scale (in hundreds or thousands of litres of culture), a genetically identical population is considered less susceptible to small process changes therefore reducing the risk of product supply issues.

The benefits associated with using clonally derived cell lines are supported by the drug regulators including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These organisations require documented assurance of monoclonality for product approval – our Clonality Report provides this comfort for the customer and certainty for the FDA and other regulatory bodies.


Solentim’s Products

In 2011 Solentim launched the Cell Metric® product range, providing dedicated purpose-designed, high-resolution, whole-well imaging developed for daily recording of clonal outgrowth in cell line development. The software on the Cell Metric, and Cell Metric CLD, also generates a ‘Clonality Report’ demonstrating the single cell origin for a colony, providing assurance of clonality for drug regulators.

In 2017 Solentim launched the all-in-one VIPS™ (Verified In-situ Plate Seeding) system, capable of performing single cell cloning into 96 well plates, verifying the success of this process by imaging the cell within the nanolitre (nL) volume droplets, then subsequently conducting whole well imaging of the single cell to provide assurance of clonality.

Solentim uses its expertise to design smart solutions for automating critical workflows. We invest heavily in our own research and development pipeline to guarantee the continued supply of innovative new products to the biologics, gene and cell therapy drug development market.

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Solentim is certified as meeting the internationally recognised standard for quality management systems, accredited by UKAS

Experience & Expertise

Our expertise and experience runs deep and sets us apart from our competitors.  We understand the science and the technology; the workflows and the potential blockages; the challenges faced by our customers and the solutions that can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their work.

Please get in touch to talk to an expert about your area of work.

Our vision

To improve medicine for healthier, longer lives

Our mission

To enable our customers to develop more and better biopharmaceuticals to treat patients, by bringing practical innovation to the problems of the drug discovery process

Our values

We are a global company with staff based in Europe, Asia and the USA. Our products are used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies all over the world. We are a fast growing, innovative organisation with a strong team of highly-skilled, talented individuals working together in a friendly, creative and fast-paced, environment – all striving to make a difference to the lives of patients

  • We continually innovate for practical results
  • We strive to improve all that we do
  • We use resources effectively for tremendous outcomes
  • We support individuals so we can thrive together

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