Our customers

We are committed to solving customer workflows and accelerating timelines in upstream bioprocess development, including the fundamental areas of clone screening, cell line development, and process and media optimisation.

Our Cell Metric™ series of instruments is designed for groups such as:

  • biopharmaceutical companies developing stable production cell lines for therapeutic antibodies and secreted therapeutic proteins
  • specialist cell culture services and contract research groups developing cell lines as a profitable service
  • biosimilar companies developing and producing high-value follow-on biological medicines
  • bioprocess core facilities in academic settings

Our customers tell us they want to:

  • identify a production clone within 15 weeks of transfection
  • eliminate unsuitable clones earlier
  • optimise their processes and media on a small scale at the earliest opportunity
  • compile a complete and accurate audit trail
  • avoid fluorescent labels in biopharmaceutical development
  • get a therapeutic protein into pre-clinical and clinical trials more quickly

Our technology is established in top cell line development laboratories and our customers are already reaching their targets in workflow acceleration.

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