Clarity in cell line development

Solentim Verified Partners and Collaborations

Vector Design and High Efficiency GOI Integration
ATUM’s Leap-In transposases® and synthetic transposons enable a cost-effective, easily implemented cell line development workflow. The technology delivers high productivity pools and cell lines, resulting in consistent product quality and inherently stable clones.  Coupling Leap-In with Solentim’s VIPS™ into a cell line development for biotherapeutics workflow, the need to pre-screen or select in-line for high producing clones is eliminated, saving time and money, and enhancing workflow efficiency.

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Supplements to Optimise Clone Outgrowth and Expansion
The ‘Insti’ range of cell culture media supplements are proven to show improved cell growth, colony formation and cloning efficiency. These supplements are suitable for both CHO and HEK cells. Using the gentle, high efficiency seeding of our VIPS™ single cell cloning system in combination with the InstiGRO™ supplements will ensure a much higher number of wells in the cloning plates successfully produce colonies.

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Early Assessment of Clone Critical Quality Attributes
ValitaCell and Solentim are partners on a major European grant to try and develop early assessment assays in the cloning plate.

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Platform for genome editing

Horizon Discovery completed a two-year collaboration with Solentim for the development of an automated manufacturing platform for the genome editing of mammalian cells. The project was funded by Innovate UK. This work also generated data using the VIPS and our proprietary InstiGRO supplements to demonstrate increased outgrowth of HD-BIOP3 antibody-expressing cell lines.

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