Clonality And Improved Outgrowth For HEK 293 Cell Line Development For Viral Vector Production In Gene Therapy

As more gene therapy products come through clinical trials there will be an increased demand to move to stable producer cell lines for the production of viral vectors.

In this application note, GSK Protein & Cellular Sciences demonstrate the application of the VIPS high efficiency single cell seeder and InstiGRO HEK cell growth supplement in developing HEK based cell lines whilst delivering on the regulatory demands for clonally-derived Master Cell Banks.

Faster Growth - Improved Survival

Using VIPS, the researchers observed a 2-3-fold increase in seeding efficiency over limiting dilution and with the addition of InstiGRO HEK an increase in outgrowth ranging from a factor of 2.7 to 11.

With VIPS’ unique ‘double lock’ workflow, image based evidence is captured in the well post seeding and at day 0 ready and wrapped in a clonality report for confident Regulatory submission.

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