Optimising CLD - Harnessing the Power of Synergy

Cell line development is the key to unlocking the potential in new biological medicines and therapies. But cell line development can be frustratingly slow and unpredictable.

However, Solentim can demonstrate that with the right combination of instrumentation, reagents and know-how, the process can be deskilled whilst concurrently delivering improvements in workflow speed, quality and assurance.

Ensure you make the right CLD Decisions

The CLD system we have evolved is based on proven technologies, pairing Solentim's instrumentation with selected reagent technologies.

In practice it means:-
Fast customer site implementation - Most customers achieve full implementation of the technology within 2-3 months of installation.
Predictable outcomes at every step  - Combining Solentim instruments with selected reagent products to accelerate key CLD steps
Unparalleled regulatory assurance - Documenting the clone from its origin as a single cell in a whole well image in a Clonality Report.
Faster project delivery - Fewer plates per project and higher efficiencies per plate.

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