Viable Cell Density and Automated Cell Counting

ICON offers rapid accurate automated cell counting and viability measurements for cells in suspension, enabling between 1 and 24 counts in a single run. The platform uses sterile disposable counting slides, each of which has eight cell counting positions. A slide rack enables three slides to be held in the instrument. Each sample requires just 20 µl of cell solution premixed with stain.

Akin to the automation of haemocytometer counting, the ICON images a fixed area of slide to perform artificial intelligence based  image analysis, accurately counting the number of unstained and stained cells. Results are presented as a total number, percent viability (live / dead) and viable cell concentration.

Cell counts and viability of cells can be measured between 1x105 cells/ml -1x107 cells/ml using either trypan blue or AO/PI.

Figure 1. ICON Cell Counting Slides offer between 1 and 8 counts per slide.

Automated Trypan Blue Counting

Trypan blue is a membrane impermeable organic azo dye and is used as a vital stain to selectively colour dead cells blue.  Trypan blue is not absorbed by viable ‘live’ cells as it cannot pass through the membrane.

When using ICON, users create a mix of sample with 0.2 % trypan blue and load 20ul into a well in the 8 position counting slides.  The ICON captures a fixed area of slide in brightfield and performs image analysis to count the number of unstained and stained cells.

Figure 2: The Cell Counting Slide Rack fits up to 3 slides.

Fluorescence based approaches to viability measurements

The use of fluorescent stains, such as acridine orange and propidium iodide (AO/PI) are now common place for counting complex materials with increased accuracy.  Acridine orange (AO) and propidium iodide (PI) are nuclear stains, AO stains both live and dead cells therefore stains all nucleated cells green.  PI can only enter cells with compromised membranes and stains the nucleus red.  Dead cells, containing both dyes, only fluoresce red due to quenching.

Shipping and Storage

ICON Cell Counting Slides are sterilized and welded in a gas-permeable packaging.

Shipping conditions: Ambient

Storage conditions: RT (15–25°C)

Shelf life : ICON Cell Counting Slides 36 months

Ordering information:

  • RS-3010 ICON Cell Counting Slides (8 counts per slides x 15 slides in box); 15 x Cell Counting slide for 8 counts each using 20 μl cell suspension.

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