Rapid IgG Quantification Assay Plates

For use at either static or expansion stages, ICON Titer Plates offers a rapid plate-based assessment of IgG concentration. The plate is in 96-well format and is supplied pre-coated with an anti-FC fluorescent probe ready for use. The plate is designed for assessment on the ICON instrument using its fluorescence polarization reader.

Each well requires 60ul sample/pre-diluted sample. Two plate types are available. A ‘low’ range version measures a final concentration of 2.5 – 100 mg/L and a ‘PLUS’ range that measures 100 – 1500 mg/L.

Solentim ICON Titer Plate

Figure 1. ICON Titer plates are precoated and available in 96 well format.


Fluorescence Polarization for IgG Quantification

ICON Titer uses the fastest and easiest IgG assay available, fluorescence polarization (FP). FP is a well-documented naturally occurring phenomenon describing rotational diffusion, namely the observation that large complexes rotate slowly in solution and small complexes rotate more rapidly.

Plates are supplied pre-coated with an IgG-specific fluorescent probe. After a short incubation with supernatant or cell suspension, the plate is illuminated by polarized light. Where the probe binds to IgG, a large complex will form and relates to a reduction in emitted polarized light. This difference in rotation rate and thus in emitted light is compared against a standard curve, providing an accurate concentration quantification (see figure 2).

Figure 2: ICON uses fluorescent based polarization assay to quantify IgG concentration in solution.

Shipping and Storage

ICON Titer plates are supplied sterile and welded in gas-permeable packaging.

  • Shipping conditions: Chilled
  • Storage conditions: Refrigerated (2-8°C)
  • Shelf life: 18 months


Ordering information:

  • RS-3221 ICON Titer Assay Plate - Plate based IgG assay for cloning plates. Five plates, each for 96 samples. For 2.5 mg/L - 100 mg/L.
  • RS-3223 ICON Titer PLUS Assay Plate - Plate based IgG assay. Five plates each for 96 samples. For 100 mg/L - 1500 mg/L.


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