Revolutionizing Cell Line Development Workflows

In this webinar, Mark Stockdale and Oren Beske, Amalgamators of Business and Biology at Solentim and ATUM respectively, discuss the essential pillars of cell line development, the practices revolutionizing workflow efficacy, and the best technologies to streamline your lab.

They focus on accelerating cell line development (CLD) while maintaining the quality of the process, increasing efficiency and decreasing regulatory queries.

Originally broadcast on XTalks, we explore:

  • The three pillars of cell line development: cell line, media and gene insertion, and the choice each of these variables affords the user.
  • Transposase technology: ATUM’s proprietary Leap-In Transposase® system, its features and benefits. The science behind the system’s stability, flexibility and ease of use.
  • Pool homogeneity: The importance of uniformity and stability in pools, and how this leads to predictability.
  • Shortened time frames: ATUM’s approach – in combination with Solentim’s instruments – has cut CLD workflow timelines from between 27-36 weeks, down to 10-12 weeks, from transfection to RCB.
  • Double lock assurance: Together, the VIPS and Cell Metric provide a double lock of assurance. In-well assurance and day zero whole well imaging provide users and regulators with the confidence they need in cell line origin.

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