Commercialise Promising Biologics Faster with the Solentim Cell Line Development Platform

At Solentim, we have been building a powerful 'eco-system' of technology to accelerate assured outcomes in Cell Line Development projects. With advanced instrumentation and our partners next generation genomics and cell culture technologies, we are reducing the number of plates, increasing the number of successful clonally derived colonies and wrapping the whole process in a ‘double-lock’ assurance framework.

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“Total Cell Line Development – a holistic A-Z approach for scientists planning a cell line development lab”

Presentation by Mark Stockdale, BPI Santa Clara, Wednesday March 11th at 2:10pm, Track 1: Cell Line Development & Engineering.

Abstract: Cell Line Development campaign has evolved over the years to keep pace with novel proteins being expressed in mammalian cell lines. This has resulted in a complex landscape of strategies to generate new cell lines. From DNA to lead clone, there is a myriad of choices in biology, technology and core instrumentation. In his talk, Mark, a technology expert will shine a light on a simple path forward.

Meet Mark and the Solentim team at Booth #815



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