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Development of commercial manufacturing cell lines by screening less than 200 clones

Single Cell Seeding conditions for improved colony outgrowth

Clonality And Improved Outgrowth For HEK 293 Cell Line Development For Viral Vector Production In Gene Therapy

High efficiency single cell cloning of iPSCs using combination of MatriClone™ and VIPS™

Standardizing the process for viable, high efficiency single cell cloning of hiPSCs whilst ensuring maintenance of phenotype

Development of a highly efficient, documented workflow for making clonal cell banks of gene-edited iPSCs

Clonality in stem cell derived therapies, a journey from process development to manufacturing

VIPS Updates: Product improvements for an increased efficiency in single-cell seeding process

A high accuracy neural network approach to measuring confluency in cell line development using Solentim’s ICON instrument

Introducing Continuous Audit Mode (CAM) on Solentim’s STUDIUS™ data management platform

How STUDIUS™ and the Solentim Ecosystem is tackling the crisis in data consolidation and reporting in Cell Line Development

From cell seeding through assurance to clone selection, quality data wrapped up in a single data management system

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Successfully filing an IND using Solentim’s VIPS™ single cell cloning system

Reducing the Timeline by 30% to Produce a Monoclonal Cell Line Expressing a Clinical Candidate Bi-Specific Antibody

FACS bulk enrichment combined with the VIPS and Cell Metric delivered significant savings for a CDMO

Cutting Cell Line Development Timelines from 6 months to Less Than 13 weeks

Doubling the Speed of Cell Line Development in a Large Pharmaceutical Company

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