A vision of a Cell Line Development Ecosystem: New White Paper

From cell seeding through assurance to clone selection, quality data wrapped up in a single data management system

Cell Line Development (CLD) is a required process within therapeutic antibody development, a journey made by single high value cells, through growth, selection and ultimately to cell banking. Decision making at each step requires information derived from different technologies, traditionally disparate, unconnected platforms. Understanding and managing the quality of this data and moreover, following the data about each cell’s journey through the project is challenging.

In this new discussion paper, Solentim describes an Ecosystem model, that looks to manage quality data from multiple points in CLD within a single data management system. To realise this Ecosystem model, Solentim applies its three instruments:

VIPS™ is the high efficiency, high viability single cell seeder which captures quality evidence of clonality in the dispensed droplet.
Cell Metric® is enabled with a plate loader for the crucial ‘Day 0’ whole well image for clonality and subsequent daily well imaging.
ICON™ is a multi-assay platform performing measurements of confluency, static plate cell number, titer and viable cell density for both the early static phase and later shaking/expansion phase.

The Ecosystem comes together with the data management system, STUDIUS. STUDIUS enables viewing and subsequent filtering of data from within the CLD project, offering benefits of data auditing, ease of use and process management.

To learn more, download the White Paper.