Clarity in cell line development

Clonality webinar draws a crowd

“Higher confidence of clonality” theme resonates with customers

NEWS – Bournemouth, UK – 10th April 2018: Solentim, the innovator and leader in Cell Line Development instrumentation, successfully hosted an educational webinar entitled “Higher Confidence of Clonality” on March 22nd.

The webinar featured the world’s first fully automated system for Single Cell Cloning, which is called the VIPS™ (Verified In-Situ Plate Seeding). VIPS combines gentle single cell deposition with concurrent in-situ whole well image verification of the single cell, all-in-one instrument.

The webinar featuring Dr Erika Parkinson (Head of R&D Biology, Solentim) discussed the following key topics:

Multiple elements that impact the efficiency of clonality and how these can be controlled
Experimental data examples from VIPS using commercial cell lines
Practical workflow benefits that result from implementation of VIPS in your process e.g. fewer plates per project, elimination of ghost wells, resolving doublets.
Validation of the VIPS process (using on-board fluorescence) to support regulatory submissions
Dr Ian Taylor, Sales & Marketing Director, noted, “Several hundred-people from all round the globe registered for this webinar and clearly shows that clonality is, and will continue to be, a key topic in a number of workflows within biopharma drug development.” Dr Taylor added, “It is our intention to run another webinar in the Autumn which will feature more data from our rapidly growing number of VIPS customers.”

View the webinar recording by sending us a request