ICON™ offers low volume titer and cell counting assays enabling productivity measurements earlier in the process.

The measurement of productivity (antibody titer per cell) is a key critical quality attribute in the selection of high value clones in cell line development (CLD). The CLD workflow starts with small volumes before moving through to higher volume plates then flasks. The use of productivity measurements is often frustrated by existing instrumentation which require high volumes per assay, forcing measurements to be done late in the process.

Solentim’s new ICON instrument combines low volume antibody titer assays and low volume automated cell counting on a single benchtop system enabling CLD scientists to conduct cell corrected productivity measurements earlier in the process. With growing evidence that corrected productivity measurements offer additional value in the selection of lead candidates, ICON is set to invigorate the design of workflows for therapeutic antibodies.

ICON uses just 20 µl for a suspension sample cell count, 60 µl or less for a protein titer measurement and offers the novel no-sample In-Plate Cell Number approach for early corrected titer assessment.

“We repeatedly hear from cell line development scientists that their workflows are limited by their current technologies’ requirement for large volumes. Using the current market leading technologies, you can be using ten times the volume required with ICON.” Said Dr Duncan Borthwick, Global Marketing Manager at Solentim, “With ICON’s assay miniaturisation, using a fraction of sample size, productivity measurements can be made earlier, providing keener stratification and more streamlined workflows saving labs time, money and plastics.”