NEW! iPSC Virtual Demo Hub | A tour of our labs and technology

Enjoy a new 15 minute virtual demonstration from within Solentim’s laboratories and download resources to learn how our new workflow for iPSC seeding can help you overcome challenges associated with iPSC workflows.

iPSCs have practically an unlimited proliferation potential, and a capability to differentiate into any cell type in the human body. Because of this, iPSCs have become a major focus in nearly all disease areas, with research in disease models for future patient cell therapy applications. iPSC technology will continue to play a critical role in this field in the future.

This presentation features:

  • VIPS™ - the high efficiency, high viability single cell seeder which captures quality evidence of clonality in the dispensed droplet.
  • MatriClone™ - soluble matrix for high efficiency, high viability iPSC single cell cloning and outgrowth.


See the iPSC Virtual Demo Hub