Software Announcement: Artificial Intelligence powered iPSC confluency scanning available on Cell Metric® – extending cell therapy workflows.


September 2021

Announced September 2021, a new software release for Cell Metric®. Cell Metric will now support an advanced, artificial intelligence powered algorithm for iPSC confluency detection. With this package, laboratories working with VIPS™ for single iPSC seeding for cell therapy applications or other seeding approaches, can utilise the Cell Metric CLD platform for daily plate confluency measurements to track growth and time cell passaging.

Confluency, the percent area of a microplate well visually covered by cells, is used in cell biology as a trigger for key events including initiation of cell-based assays, transfection and passaging. Manual assessment of confluency can be time consuming, inconsistent and inaccurate. In one study performed at ISSCR in 2017, where 77 participants were asked to score plates for confluency, only 46% of results fell within 5% of actual verified results.

The new Cell Metric software employs an artificial neural network. An artificial neural network is a scalable, adaptive structure that when compared to traditional image processing methods has the advantages of being able to adapt to unforeseen scenarios and learn from experience.

Earlier this year, iPSC confluency was enabled on VIPS, Solentim’s high efficiency single cell seeding platform. With the addition of the iPSC specific confluency scanning to include Cell Metric, this extends the iPSC workflow to multi-plate daily imaging, enabling a high throughput workflow for cell therapy laboratories.

For more information on this software or Solentim’s workflow for cell therapy, contact [email protected]

Product Codes

  • CC-2108: iPSC Confluence Analysis for VIPS
  • CC-1108: iPSC confluency analysis for Cell Metric BF instruments
  • CC-1109: iPSC Confluence Analysis for Cell Metric FL instruments