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Solentim, along with partner ATUM, will present at the forthcoming Cell Line Development and Engineering US Conference

Cell Line Development and Engineering USSolentim, a global leader in cell line development instrumentation, will be speaking and exhibiting at the Cell Line Development and Engineering Conference US, which returns to San Francisco later this month. We are excited that our co-marketing and collaboration partner ATUM will also be speaking and exhibiting at the event.

The aim of the conference is to discuss ways to transform cell line development and engineering to improve product quality, reduce timelines and increase titres. The key theme is practical strategies to optimise CHO, advance early clone selection and improve the production of antibodies and complex molecules using novel and established cell lines.

Dr Ian Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer at Solentim, will be speaking at the event. Don’t miss his presentation: “Clone Screening Technology for Early Viable Cell Identification,” at 9.15am on Wednesday 19th June.

Also speaking will be Dr Ferenc Boldog, Director of Cell Line Development at ATUM, who will discuss, “A Genomic Case of Structure-Function Relationship: The Leap-In Transposase System,” at 11.30am on Wednesday 19th June. As part of his talk, Ferenc will discuss the combination of the Leap-in transposases with the VIPS single cell cloning system

Dr Taylor commented “Within my talk, I will focus on one particular area that has been a problem for the cell line development community: the successful recovery and outgrowth of single cells. This was touched on in one of my recent blogs, but I will specifically introduce the InstiGRO supplement product, which has already shown to have several-fold growth improvements for the major commercial cell lines.”

The Solentim team will be at the exhibition booth (#206) throughout the event to discuss our latest innovations and to answer any questions.

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