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Solentim appoints new sales manager for USA East

Solentim is pleased to announce the appointment of Jake Isaacs to the role of Sales Manager, USA East Coast. Jake is based in the Greater Boston area and holds a PhD in biochemistry/biophysics with postdoctoral training in immunology, cell biology and molecular diagnostics. He has a passion for cutting-edge technology and its application to outstanding challenges in biotech and pharma research.

With a career leading from bench science to applications support to sales, his focus has shifted to providing advanced technology solutions and subject matter expertise to other researchers. Jake brings this technology expertise to Solentim, providing both in-depth local insight to the team and offering leading East Coast biotechnology companies access to Solentim’s advanced solutions for the creation, isolation and characterization of high value cells for the development of novel biological therapies.

When he isn’t actively providing solutions for customers, Jake enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, and live music.

Get in touch with Jake to find out how Solentim can help accelerate the development of your master cell banks and ensure you are confidently prepared for regulatory review.

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