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Solentim in the Press: “Increasing HD-BIOP3 Seeding Efficiencies using the VIPS” GEN Tutorial

Read this new Bioprocessing Tutorial in the latest edition of Genetic Engineering News (GEN).

In this educational piece, scientists at Solentim demonstrate the ways in which they have systematically been able to increase viability, recovery and outgrowth of single cells following single cell isolation in the cell line development process.

As part of this, the tutorial illustrates higher seeding efficiencies moving from Limiting Dilutions to using the VIPS single cell isolation instrument, coupled with the benefits of using specific new growth additives, InstiGRO (from our partner SAL Scientific), which can be used for CHO and HEK cells. Data is presented in the context of one of the most current commercially relevant CHO host cell lines, HD-BIOP3 from Horizon Discovery.

Commenting on this tutorial, Dr Ian Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer for Solentim, said “At Solentim, we continue to strive for improvements in cell line development workflow for our customers. We know from working with and listening to scientists that successful single cell recovery and outgrowth has been a particular problem. This data shows that we can now provide customers with commercially available supplements to confidently address this and ensure higher cloning efficiencies for their projects.”

Read the full published GEN tutorial here.


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