Solentim’s integrated ‘ECOSYSTEM’ for Cell Line Development: New Poster

Cell line development tracks the journey of individual high value cells from clonality through growth, selection and ultimately banking. Decisions made at each step require information from different technologies, traditionally disparate and unconnected platforms but now, in Solentim’s new ecosystem, data is united under one managed process.

Solentim instruments each generates insightful, high-quality data to aid cell selection. Each instrument has a defined role and collects essential data on each clone’s journey that, when combined and analyzed by our proprietary STUDIUS software, offers a one-stop cell line development solution which allows our customers to select the best and highest value cell:

  • VIPS™: offers high efficiency, high viability single cell seeding and documentation of clonality with our double-lock assurance
  • Cell Metric®: captures daily whole well imaging of cell growth, visualizing colony growth and enabling high-throughput colony monitoring
  • ICON™: conducts rapid corrected titer productivity measurements enabling characterization of leading candidates.
  • STUDIUS™: intelligently manages verified information from multiple sources to enable you to filter out and select the top clones.

STUDIUS plays an integral role in our ecosystem. Drawing on data from all three instruments, it generates a HISTORYTREE™, visualizing the life cycle of each clone and its journey, providing all the data required per clone to support regulatory submission. STUDIUS also protects against data corruption, giving regulators confidence in data reports generated by our ecosystem.

Together, these technologies provide high-value, trusted data on the entire history of each individual clone, tracked throughout the complete cell line development process. The ecosystem allows our customers to streamline their workflows and make smarter, data-driven decisions, earlier. The current norm in the lab can still often be disparate pieces of instrumentation using pieces of paper and multiple Excel spreadsheets; this can now be replaced by our integrated ecosystem.

Download our poster to view the ecosystem