Clarity in cell line development

The A-Z of Cell Line Development

Mark StockdaleThe Cell Line Development (CLD) space is growing and evolving quickly. Our understanding of technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, with more equipment and tech reaching the market every day, impacting how we approach CLD projects and workflows. The question is  how best to navigate through this changing landscape and make the most of the new technology on offer to optimise your workflow?

Mark Stockdale, in his role as Amalgamator of Business and Biology at Solentim, will answer these questions and more in his three-talk series, ‘Total Cell Line Development – a holistic A-Z approach for scientists planning a cell line development lab’, taking place at:

  1. Bioprocess International West co-located with Cell Line Development & Engineering US
    • 9-12 March*, Santa Clara, USA (*Please note: BPI West has been rescheduled – new dates to be announced shortly)
  2. Bioprocess International Europe
    • 28 April-1 May, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Cell Line Development and Engineering Asia
    • 18-20 May, Shanghai, China

These talks will provide an overview of the CLD industry today, as well as exploring potential future directions for the next decade. Aimed at biotechnology companies looking to establish or optimise a CLD lab, Mark will provide advice on where to source essential technologies, as well as offering his personal expertise on successful deployment of technology to create an end-to-end solution for CLD.

Mark will also assess some of the new trends already emerging in 2020; for example, more and more companies are looking to develop multiple molecules simultaneously (scaling out) rather than chasing a single target, creating a ‘tidal wave’ of molecules coming through development. This creates questions for biotechnology companies such as: How as a scientist do you manage this flow of an increased number of projects, and which technologies will be most useful? How can we best increase the efficiency of each project to make them most effective? How should customers validate their processes, ensure reliable audit trail and deal with the regulatory requirements of an IND? These sessions will address all these issues and more, along with a chance to ask Mark about his views on the industry.

To get in touch with Mark please contact us.

About Mark

Mark Stockdale is a keen technology pathfinder and works within Solentim to amalgamate the technical and business functions within the company. Prior to Solentim, he worked as a Group Leader in Horizon Discovery Ltd, and as a scientist at Lonza Biologics and Cyclacel Ltd and started his career at Pfizer. With over 15 years professional experience in cell line development and drug discovery, his passion is to bring new technologies to bear on unmet needs. He provides great insight into the future technology requirements in stable cell line development.

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