VIPS™ unlocks the concept of the one plate project with high efficiency seeding for 384 well plates.

Solentim’s VIPS high efficiency single cell seeder now supports 384 well plate seeding. Confirmation of seeding is backed with the true ‘double lock’ of assurance using confirmation of the single cell in the well post dispensing followed by Day0 whole-well imaging.

With VIPS low pressure seeding and the environment of the 384 well, even higher single cell outgrowth is achieved  than with 96 well plates. This, combined with the high density plate layout can transform cell line development workflows especially when used with high efficiency integration technologies and single cell growth supplements.

“Single cells, dispensed by VIPS, grow very effectively in 384 well plates.” Said Dr Duncan Borthwick, Global Marketing Manager at Solentim, “When you combine this with our InstiGRO cell growth supplement and ATUM’s Leap-In Transposase®, running a whole project on a single plate becomes a reality.”