Solentim embraces CRISPR with Horizon Discovery Group

Horizon purchases the Solentim Cell Metric™ CLD for cell line development

Bournemouth, UK – 8th September 2014: Solentim, the developer of the world-leading imager for single cell cloning in the upstream cell line development workflow, is pleased to announce the purchase of its Cell Metric™ CLD system for monoclonality verification by Horizon Discovery Group plc (”Horizon”) (AIM: HZD), a leading provider of research tools to support translational genomics and the development of personalized medicines.

Horizon provides a range of off-the-shelf disease model cell lines, as well as services to develop cell lines for their clients all over the world. They are at the cutting edge of novel gene-editing techniques including ZFN, rAAV and CRISPR.

Workflow benefits

Eric Rhodes, Senior VP R&D and CTO at Horizon, said: “We can now maximise the benefits of these novel genomic insertion technologies in cell line development for internal R&D projects and client work using the Cell Metric™. Not only does the system provide us with unparalleled image quality to confirm a single cell on the day of cell seeding, but the incubated stacker on our CLD model also gives us significant plate handling and workflow benefits.”

Multiple customer sales in the UK

“We are delighted to be working with the team at Horizon. Many of our existing customers work predominantly with suspension CHO cells for producing biotherapeutics, and so it is testament to the Cell Metric™ imaging that it can easily work with the additional wider diversity of cell types used by Horizon. The system at Horizon together with the recent sale at a nearby major UK biopharma company further demonstrate our continued strong sales traction in the UK,” commented Aaron Figg, Director at Solentim.


About Solentim

Commercial cell line development for biopharmaceutical production is a high value process which is intrinsically expensive and takes a significant amount of time. Solentim is dedicated to the development of innovative tools to shorten steps in the upstream cell line development workflow and facilitate cell line scale-up. The Cell Metric™ product range consists of bio-analytical imaging stations for clone screening and proof of monoclonality, clone growth and stability measurements. To find more information visit

About Horizon Discovery

Horizon Discovery is a UK Biotechnology company that combines a long scientific heritage in translational research with GENESIS™, a precision gene-editing platform that incorporates rAAV, CRISPR and ZFN technologies.  The company supplies genetically-defined cell lines, gene-editing tools and services, custom cell line generation, reporter gene assay kits, molecular reference standards and assay development and screening services to almost 1,000 organisations engaged in academic research; drug discovery and development; clinical diagnostics; and biopharmaceutical process optimization.  Horizon aspires to provide science-driven research solutions that lead to the advancement in the understanding of the genetic basis of disease and better outcomes for patients.

Horizon is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market under the ticker “HZD”, for further information please visit:

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