Solentim premier Cell Metric™ at ELRIG

Solentim premier Cell Metric™ at ELRIG "Advances in Cell Based Screening Technologies Meeting"

Cambridge UK, 15th March, 2011 - Solentim today showed for the first time their Cell Metric™ system, a new quantitative live-cell imaging system.

The system is both non-invasive and marker-free and is set to play a key role in a number of defined cell-based workflows where it can provide tangible metrics for the scientist to make reliable and informed decisions.

Cell Metric employs bright field imaging to count cells directly in the well plate, across the whole of the well. It occupies a unique position between HCS imagers, invasive sampling, and whole well end-point assays.

Around 300 delegates attended the ELRIG Meeting and Solentim were delighted by the volume of booth demonstrations and the response to their oral presentation.

Solentim Director, Aaron Figg commented, "Cell Metric™ is a platform for which we will be able to develop a range of new customer-driven applications. We have had some excellent feedback today from our customer meetings and we have identified a number of new groups who have expressed interest in working with Solentim and the Cell Metric™."

The Cell Metric™ is available now and Solentim invite interested parties to contact them for further information.