Evaluating Technology at a Distance

Immersive Online Instrument Demos & Technology Discussions

Due to travel restrictions and social distancing limitations, we are very aware that evaluating new technology is more challenging at this present time.

Here at Solentim we are pleased to offer a range of detailed and immersive online activities.

These include a range of presentations, real time software demos, recorded operational videos, discussion groups and information downloads. We utilise a broad range of our staff and facilities to meet your needs through your evaluation process.

Activities offered:

“Explain the Technology” – a thorough exploration of Solentim instruments and technologies and their impact on workflows for the development of Master Cell Banks.

“Let’s Discuss Assurance” – a presentation and discussion based around current Regulatory guidelines, what that means in the context of Cell Line Development and how to approach validation and verification.

“Show Me How It Works” – lead by our Application Scientist team, a complete walk-through of VIPS, Cell Metric or ICON using live and recorded video from plate and instrument set up through to scanning and data analysis.

“Show Me The Data” – using a range of data packages, we will guide you through both the ‘good’ examples of data and the more ‘challenging’, highlighting the operational steps employed within a laboratory to best manage a quality process and prepare for confident IND submissions.

“Tell me about Service and Support” - a presentation and discussion around the Service options, how they work and what they offer including Service Status Certification. Additionally, the impact that a complete service record has on ISO accreditation and Regulatory submissions.

“Learn about Leap-In Transposase® Technology” – an insight into this novel technology and its impact on CLD workflows.

“Learn about Cell Growth Supplements” – an introduction to InstiGRO™ for CHO and HEK cells.





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With our global team, we have the capability to meet your timing and technical needs.

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