Clarity in cell line development

We help to improve the biologics research and development workflow processes by designing and manufacturing highly innovative instruments which facilitate mammalian cell line development and cell culture process development.  Our solutions have shown to significantly shorten development timelines which reduces costs and facilitates more projects per FTE scientist. We provide a portfolio of products: VIPS™, Cell Metric® and Cell Metric® CLD, which will enable customers to establish a simple to use and completely integrated process from seeding single cells into wells, proving and documenting clonality, optimising clonal outgrowth and monitoring cell expansion and productivity


VIPS (Verified in-situ plate seeding), located in the hood, is an “All-in-One” system for single cell seeding into 96 well plates combined with whole well imaging to confirm clonality

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Cell Metric

Cell Metric is a small benchtop high-resolution whole well imaging system developed for cell line development and cell culture processing

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Cell Metric CLD

Cell Metric® CLD is our premium version of the Cell Metric with a factory built-in, incubated plate loader for unattended imaging of 10 plates in a cassette

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How can we help your CLD workflow?

We’re helping many organisations around the world to optimise their cell-line development processes.  The benefits and efficiencies achieved through introducing our products into workflows are clearly highlighted by customers who have given conference talks on the advantages of using Cell Metric and VIPS. If you’d like us to get in touch and discuss how we could improve your workflow, please contact us today.