Focused on High Value Cells

Transforming the discovery and development of biological therapies

Our products combine Solentim’s technical expertise with an in-depth knowledge of cell creation, isolation, analysis and documentation to manage high value cells from discovery to production.

Designed for accelerated and assured workflows

Combined with enabling reagents (including InstiGRO™ and Leap-In Transposase®) from our partners, and our unparalleled domain expertise, we transform the speed and efficiency of clonally-derived Master Cell Bank development.


Verified In-Situ Plate Seeding (VIPS), provides single-cell seeding and image-based clonality assurance. The multi-tasking, compact instrument delivers an efficient, ‘double lock’ solution for confident Regulatory submissions.
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Cell Metric®

Cell Metric standardizes image based evidence for assurance of clonality. Defining best practice for Master Cell Bank generation, Cell Metric is the choice for leading pharmaceutical companies.

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Leap-in Transposase®

Driving modern and robust workflows in cell line development, Leap-In Transposases® integrate intact DNA constructs into active chromatin.

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Cell Growth Reagents

A range of advanced animal-free cell growth supplements for use with CHO and HEK cells designed to enhance growth at different stages of cell line development for superior workflows.

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MatriClone™ Matrix for iPSC seeding and growth

Stem cell matrix for use ‘in-solution’ during single cell seeding with the VIPS system to support early growth.

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"Establishing New Standards in Efficient Single Cell Cloning of hiPSCs"