Clarity in cell line development

Accelerating Biologics Research and CLD workflows

We create practical solutions to optimise workflows for the discovery and development of new biologics, significantly shortening development timelines, reducing costs and maximising efficiency.

Our highly innovative biopharmaceutical instruments have raised the bar for single cell printing and provide documented assurance of monoclonality for CMC managers and as part of IND submissions for the FDA.

Integrated Product Range
Our portfolio of products (VIPS™, Cell Metric® and Cell Metric® CLD) enables customers to establish a simple to use and completely integrated process: seeding single cells into wells, whole well imaging and documenting clonality, optimising clonal outgrowth and early monitoring of clone attributes.


Our unique all-in-one system, the VIPS (Verified in-situ plate seeding), combines single cell seeding into 96 well plates with whole well imaging, and can be linked to the Cell Metric via a Sync Server data connection for optimal use.

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Cell Metric

The leading purpose-designed, high-resolution, whole-well imaging system developed for daily imaging of clonal outgrowth in cell line development.

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Cell Metric CLD

Our premium version of the Cell Metric, offering a built-in, incubated plate loader for unattended imaging of 10 plates in a cassette.

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How can we help your CLD workflow?

Several hundreds of clients around the world have now bought systems from Solentim for cell line development. Our customers trust us to continually provide innovative biopharmaceutical instruments, helping them to succeed with their biology and fostering long-term, fruitful relationships with them.

These successful, productive working relationships are evidenced by the many presentations and case studies given on the advantages of using the Cell Metric along with the VIPS by our customers.

If you’d like us to get in touch and discuss how we could improve your workflow, please contact us today.

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