Cell Metric® rapid

Cell Metric rapidCell Metric® rapid is our high-speed imaging and analysis system for higher-throughput cell line development.

This system supports larger-scale workflows by imaging cells at a much higher speed. Requiring just 45 seconds to image a 96-well microplate, this greater throughput means you can process hundreds of plates and thousands of clones per day.

Cell Metric® rapid, like the other members of the Cell Metric® family, uses non-invasive bright field imaging for analysis of settled suspension cells or adherent cells. Cells are imaged in lidded, flat-bottomed microplates (384, 96, 24, 6-well) in their normal liquid media environment. Plates are loaded into the instrument via a third-party robot arm or, for lower throughput, via a microplate stacker. The software is quick to set up and images are acquired at 2.7 µm per pixel, making it ideal for a wide range of analyses including confluence determination, clone selection, colony growth formation, and optimisation studies.

A range of options for cell detection and analysis enables you to swiftly identify wells of interest, while automatic recognition of plate ID means you can generate reliable time courses for cell growth characterisation. Accurate tracking of wells together with the associated images and data allows you to manage large, complex workflows with complete confidence.

For research use only.

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