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The Trusted Standard for Clonal Assurance

Cell Metric® is a high contrast imager designed for single cell imaging, identification and clonal outgrowth characterization.

Cell Metric captures and records crucial evidence, whole well image of the single cell at day 0 and daily imaging thereafter, all wrapped up in a clonality report defining best practice for Master Cell Bank production.

Available as a stand-alone single plate system, with automated plate handling within a temperature-controlled environment from Cell Metric CLD or downstream third party robotic integration.

Cell Metric also integrates with your VIPS™ system via Data Sync system for enhanced laboratory workflows.

Evidence that it started as a single cell


Cell Metric single cell imaging day 0 to 1Daily Whole Well Imaging

Cell Metric combines high quality images with data continuity, providing daily imaging with recorded evidence of single-cell to clonal growth.

High Resolution Images

Specialized, high quality images enable the user to observe and clearly annotate single cells. Single cells are discriminated from doublets and wells not containing cells.

Purpose-built for imaging assurance

Right up to the edge

Solid evidence comes from clear single cell images. Sophisticated methodologies to maintain image clarity right up to the edge.

Always in focus

To manage variation across multi-well plates, proprietary laser focussing ensures optimal focal position in each and every well.

Clarity in purpose

Designed specifically for the needs of assurance of clonality, Cell Metric has a highly tuned brightfield optical path that maximizes the clarity of single-cell imaging for assured cell line development.

Fluorescence imaging for rare event detection
As a tool for workflow verification, Cell Metric offers the option of rapid rare-event fluorescent imaging and reporting.

Automated confluence determination

For the effective tracking of daily outgrowth, Cell Metric offers automatic measurement and reporting of confluency.

An audit of cell history

Combine data from the entire timeline into a documented clonality report.

Why Cell Metric is the choice for leading laboratories


Tried, tested, demonstrated IND success

Used globally in most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotherapeutics companies, Cell Metric is the leading solution for providing regulatory information on clonality for Investigational New Drug (IND) submissions.

Solid image based evidence of assurance

Cell Metric captures a timeline of high quality whole well imaging as solid evidence of clonal origin.

Unmatched high clarity imaging designed for single cell detection, even if the cell is at the wall edge.

Confident submissions with automated clonality report

Cell Metric wraps up the story including imaging, time stamps, annotation and comments as a solid record of evidence ready for confident IND submission.

Save time, resources and financial investment

Such is the confidence in data originating from the Cell Metric, workflows, such as those involving sub-cloning, mini-pools or repeated limited dilution rounds, can be significantly compressed, saving time, resources and financial investment.

Cell Metric is the Perfect Choice for

  • Cell line development (CLD) for biologics
  • Gene and cell therapy
  • Human and induced pluripotent stem cells

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Halving the timeline


Doubling Outgrowth
A fraction of the plastic

Customer Testimonials

"By adopting VIPS and Cell Metric, the CLD team can cut our timelines for transfection to ambr15 from 6 months down to 10-13 weeks"

Jolanda Gerritsen, Technology Expert, Cell Line Development, GENMAB

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