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Increasing CLD Productivity

Solentim have partnered with SAL Scientific to bring customers a unique range of cell culture growth supplements for cell line development.  The ‘Insti’ cell culture media supplements dramatically improve growth and viability of cells.

Cells can be susceptible to impaired growth and viability in defined, animal component-free media, especially when subjected to stress. This is particularly relevant when screening biopharmaceutical producer cell lines, where high producers are likely to be at a growth disadvantage, and more sensitive to media conditions, than non-producers.

The ‘Insti’ products are proprietary animal component-free cell culture supplements for CHO and HEK cells which confer instant growth advantages at specific stages of the CLD workflow.

Supplements for Specific Cell Lines and Workflow Applications

To maximise outgrowth for different cell lines, InstiGRO CHO and InstiGRO CHOplus are available, as well as a dedicated InstiGRO HEK, which will be a valuable additive for gene therapy customers.


Single Cell Seeding and Static Expansion

InstiGRO™ increases single cell recovery, outgrowth & static cell culture


Shaking Expansion

InstiSHAKE™ will enhance cell growth in shaking culture



InstiTHAW™ ensures optimal cell recovery from freezing

SAL Product Line Up

Pairing InstiGRO™ Supplements with VIPS™

Using the gentle, high efficiency seeding of our VIPS™ single cell cloning system in combination with the InstiGRO™ supplement in cell media ensures that a significantly higher proportion of wells in the cloning plates will make it to colonies.

This powerful combination dramatically increases the likelihood of a high-producing clone surviving the single cell stage of CLD and being picked.

Clone outgrowth Instigro 235

Clone outgrowth Instigro and Solentim VIPS 235

Limiting Dilution 0.5 cells/cell
FortiCHO plus conditioned media
5 wells positive (green) for growth

Single cell seeding using VIPS
FortiCHO plus InstiGRO
34 wells positive (green) for growth

Increasing HD BIOP3 Horizon Seeding Efficiencies Using VIPS

Learn how the combination of Solentim VIPS and InstiGRO Supplements Doubled Productivity

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