Enhancing Cell Line Development Workflows

In the search for high-value cells, growth conditions can be optimized to support early growth conditions. InstiGRO products are proprietary animal component-free cell culture supplements for CHO and HEK cells which confer major growth and survival advantages within cell line development.

Designed to work with VIPS automation, Cell Metric imaging or manual cell practices, InstiGRO can transform workflows with greatly enhanced successful colonies per plate.

Introducing InstiGRO, InstiSHAKE™ and InstiTHAW™


  • Certified Animal-Free Statement

The InstiGRO™ range are cell culture medium supplements comprising recombinant proteins, plant extracts and other chemical components.

Based on information provided by our suppliers, we certify that none of the ingredients used in our supplements contain starting materials derived from animal or human tissues, and that no animal or human-derived materials are used in the manufacture of the raw material ingredients used in our supplements.

Our supplements may contain materials produced by or extracted from plants, bacteria, or yeast, or may contain recombinant human or animal proteins, provided they are produced in plants or microorganisms.

  • Manufactured under ISO 9001


High Performance Cell Growth Supplements

Advanced cell culture supplements for use with Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) and human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells.
Solentim Cell Culture Supplements Workflow

The range of supplements is designed to enhance growth at different stages of cell line development for accelerated workflows:

InstiGRO CHO and InstiGRO HEK to assist with early cell growth and single cell survival

InstiSHAKE CHO and InstiSHAKE HEK as a follow on supplement in the transition to deep well plates

InstiTHAW CHO and InstiTHAW HEK to protect cells during freezing and thawing.

VIPS + InstiGRO: a powerful combination


Verified In-situ Plate Screening (VIPS) is our high-efficiency, single-cell seeder. This low-pressure system demonstrates higher seeding efficiency and outgrowth when compared to limiting dilution methods and provides a double-lock of assurance with enhanced in-well imaging to track seeding and clonal growth.

Complementing our VIPS technology, cell outgrowth is further enhanced with the use of InstiGRO and InstiGRO PLUS cell growth supplements.


Viral Vector Production for Gene Therapy – the benefits of using InstiGRO HEK

GSK report InstiGRO HEK had a significant positive effect on clonal outgrowth in all conditions tested, with increase in outgrowth ranging from a factor of 2.7 to 11.5

Insti Cell Culture Supplements Accelerate growth

Ordering information


InstiGRO Product Name Product Size (ml)
RS-1105 InstiGRO CHO 5
RS-1125 InstiGRO CHO 25
RS-1205 InstiGRO CHOPLUS 5
RS-1225 InstiGRO CHOPLUS 25
RS-1305 InstiGRO HEK 5
RS-1325 InstiGRO HEK 25
InstiSHAKE Product Name Product Size (ml)
RS-2125 InstiSHAKE CHO Sol A - 20  Sol B - 5
RS-2325 InstiSHAKE HEK 25
InstiTHAW Product Name Product Size (ml)
RS-3105 InstiTHAW CHO 5
RS-3305 InstiTHAW HEK 5

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