The Award Winning Measure of IgG Productivity

From static stage to expansion and beyond, ICON is a world’s first.

The ICON with integrated STUDIUS™ data management platform enables scientists in the biotherapeutic development industry to digitally transform their process and make informed decisions quicker, earlier, and more securely.

ICON uniquely combines titer, viability and specific productivity data using low volume assays on a single reader, with the clonality and confluence data from Cell Metric and/or VIPS to track and rank clones automatically, rapidly and consistently from the cloning plate, through fed-batch suspension shaking cultures up to multi-parallel mini bio-reactors such as Ambr®, regardless of the different formats used and without the risk of error.

Assess CHO cell performance by specific productivity and normalized titer

ICON combines low volume titer and viable cell density assays, enabling measurement of specific productivity for both the static and the shaking suspension cell expansion stages of cell line development. ICON data can be combined with confluency data from Cell Metric and /or VIPS whole well imaging within the STUDIUS data management and analysis platform. This allows automated tracking (with audit trail) and ranking of best performing clones through the various sample formats prior to the scale down bioreactor stage.


ICON Plate-Based Titer

For cloning and expansion stages

  • Rapid 96 well plate IgG titer measurements
  • Uses just 60 µL sample
  • Wide detection range

ICON Automated Viable Cell Counting

For expansion cell stage

  • Trypan blue  measurements
  • Up to 24 samples per run
IgG titer measurements and cell counting in a 96 well plate - to make normalised titer

ICON from Solentim, an award-winning instrument for IgG titer measurements and automated cell countingSolentim wins New Product Award at SLAS 2021

Solentim is delighted to have won a New Product Award from the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS), announced this week at SLAS Digital 2021.

ICON is powered by STUDIUS

STUDIUS provides consistency across the CLD workflow from seeding to clone selection and banking via the following attributes

  • Secure sample/clone centric tracking and audit trail
  • A common data management and analysis platform to ensure raw data integrity
  • Common data formats to prevent transcriptional errors and reduce data analysis times from days to minutes, enabling the fastest possible decision making.

STUDIUS tracks the journey of individual clones from seeding to final selection, from 96 well plates through 24 DW blocks and other formats with an audit trail

STUDIUS combines titer and cell viability data from ICON with clonality and confluence data from Cell Metric and/or VIPS to automatically and rapidly identify best performing clones without the need for user intervention
Ambr® is a registered trademark of Sartorius AG