Smarter decision making in cell line development

Introducing the new standard for cell line development, STUDIUS™.

Employing a quality data control strategy in cell line development is challenged by having a range of instruments from a range of vendors, each generating data in a range of format, not to mention time consuming. STUDIUS and the Solentim Ecosystem changes everything. Integrated to work with Solentim’s technology platforms, STUDIUS imports, manages and reports on cell line development data. Tracking each cell’s journey, STUDIUS offers dynamic data sorting to visualise entire projects and streamline the selection of candidate clones with desirable traits.

With Continuous Audit Mode, STUDIUS supports requirements to achieve 21 CFR part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance.

Follow the story with HISTORYTREE™

Track every moment from seeding, evidence of clonality, growth, productivity through to selection.

Continuous Audit Mode

STUDIUS offers Continuous Audit Mode offering a range of data control related features are activated in line with clients’ ‘Part 11’ needs.

User Access with In-built Training 

STUDIUS is supplied with a range of training tools to drive best practice and process quality control. These include online training, application and software user guides. Completion of video training course is connected to user accreditation and digital certification.

HISTORYTREE: a unique view of cell’s journey

HISTORYTREE is a graphical representation of a cell’s journey through cell line development.

From seeding, evidence of clonality, growth, productivity and candidate selection, each node on the tree represents a time point in the cell’s journey offering easy access to critical data. Simple colour coding references data type.


STUDIUS, controlling ICON

Easy control of the ICON instrument through Assay and Scan tabs.
Clear management of sample source, scan set up and plate types.
Vivid visual displays to guide user through streamlined workflow.

STUDIUS Dynamic Sorting: 
hunting for those winning wells

Rapid dynamic sorting based on attributes including evidence of clonality, growth rate and productivity in the pursuit of lead candidates.


STUDIUS Data Import

Integrating with your cell line development ecosystem, STUDIUS imports valuable data from your VIPS™ and  Cell Metric® instruments into one single management system.

STUDIUS Reporting:
building in process and system quality.

STUDIUS draws on system and service status, user accreditation and instrument performance within its final report as evidence of process quality.

STUDIUS Command 

With STUDIUS Command, take control of your cell line development process.
From your office, view, manage, sort and report data from your Solentim instruments.


Command Mode STUDIUS