Enhancing Cell line Development Workflows

Verified In-Situ Plate Seeding (VIPS™) takes single cell cloning and image based clonality assurance to a whole new level of quality. The multi-tasking, compact instrument delivers a rock solid, ‘double lock’ solution for regulatory submission.

VIPS accelerates projects. High seeding efficiency for both 96 and 384 well plates, single round workflows for massively enhanced productivity and reduced timelines.

With VIPS you get healthier cells, more confirmed single cells per plate and better outgrowth.

Two-round methodologies are a thing of the past.

Understanding The ‘Double Lock’ of Clonal Assurance

#1 Single Cell Seeding with In-Well Verification

Operating at a pressure of less than one psi, VIPS gently dispenses cells in nanoliter droplets into a plate well. Crucially, the cell is imaged in the bottom of the dry well as evidence of seeding. Automated imaging in multiple tight z-stack layers of the whole droplet commences with intelligence-based image analysis confirming the existence of a single cell. The well is then filled automatically with media.



#2 Outgrowth and Clonal Characterization

During the clonal growth phase, VIPS performs daily high-clarity whole well imaging, recording a timeline of well images and performing analysis to measure confluency.

Successful clonal outgrowth can be traced back to a single cell to confirm monoclonality.

Designed to Accelerate Single-Cell Cloning Workflows

Seeding for high clonal efficiency

For 96 and 384 well plates and quality single-project use consumables, we employ the simplest and safest method of single-cell dispensing, with no complex fluidics or mixed samples. VIPS uses low pressure to seed cells in nanoliter droplets into empty wells.

VIPS from Solentim - benchtop instrument for single cell cloning

Always in focus

VIPS performs total plate laser focus scanning, adjusting for plate contours, to ensure an optimal focal position for each well.

Intelligent Image Analysis

Using advanced image analysis technology, z-stack images are processed to confirm the presence of a single cell.

VIPS from Solentim - intelligent cell seeding image analysis

In-line media dispensing

Immediately after confirmation of cell seeding, VIPS automatically dispenses culture media into the well, protecting your high-value cell.

QC verification process

To assist in the verification of your clonality workflow, VIPS offers a verification methodology option based on rare-event fluorescence imaging.

Precision Z stack Imaging system

In-well z-stack imaging

Immediately after seeding, the droplet is imaged at 20 different focal positions. This broad z-stack encompasses the optimal plane for image analysis enabling confident single cell detection.

Why VIPS is the choice for leading laboratories

A single platform for both seeding and outgrowth

A seeder and a separate imager?

VIPS is a 2 in 1 system combining high efficiency seeding with high contrast whole well imaging, saving lab space and resources.

Confident submissions with automated clonality report

To complete the story, a clonality report is generated, cataloguing both in data and images the whole story from single cell cloning to colony. The VIPS clonality report can be directly used as an important source of evidence, with a strong track record of IND submission success.

Assurance based on evidence, not probability

Manual limiting dilution methodologies are based on pipetting deliberately low cell/well concentrations to boost the probability of a single cell. With the advent of VIPS and image based assurance, credible evidence is gathered at multiple time points.

VIPS unmatched imaging for single cell clarity

Designed specifically for the task, Solentim technology is honed for single cell imaging in the droplet by way of z-stack imaging and in the whole well. With high clarity images, even when near the cell wall, VIPS generates confidence for the lab and the regulator.

VIPS is the Perfect Choice for

  • Cell line development (CLD) for biologics
  • Gene and cell therapy
  • Human and induced pluripotent stem cells

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VIPS single cell cloning case study
Halving the timeline


VIPS CAse study doubles speed of outgrowth
Doubling Outgrowth
VIPS case study where less plastic is used
A fraction of the plastic

Customer Testimonials

"For the VIPS, there's so little media centered in the well that it makes it easy to locate the cell and prove the health authorities that the cell is clonal"

Thomas Kelly, Scientist at Janssen R&D LLC

"Demonstrating monoclonality has never been more reliable and straightforward.  No more ambiguity, no more ghost cells.  Both our clients and our own scientists are very pleased with the data the VIPS instrument generates"

Ferenc Boldog, Director of Cell Line Development, ATUM