Solentim Short: Mark Stockdale talks about the new ICON instrument for cell line development
Solentim Short: Mark Stockdale talks about the new data management system STUDIUS for cell line development
Short clip: Solentim’s “All-in-One” single cell cloning system
Customer Testimonials

Angela Tuckowski, Associate Scientist at Janssen explains her experiences with VIPS

Cell Metric® CLD
Technology in action: Cell Metric CLD incubated plate loader and cassettes (courtesy of Horizon Discovery)
Regulatory Guidance on Clonality
Interviews with Former FDA CDER Reviewer, Dr Audrey Jia
For companies involved in cell line development for biotherapeutics, both interviews are valuable to watch
Episode 1: Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices in Cell Line Development
Episode 2: Importance and Utility of Dedicated Imaging in Cell Line Development