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Methods for fluorescence qualification of your cloning methods

An application note covering potential workflow approaches to cloning method qualification and quality control using the new fluorescence Cell Metric application.

Growth rate monitoring in cell line development

An important application for the Cell Metric® is to monitor clone outgrowth using confluence after single cell seeding, and to monitor colony formation as part of a clone selection process. This application explains how the Cell Metric® can fit in to a cell line development workflow to meet this need.

Clone imaging and proof of clonality

A key application for the Cell Metric® is to establish the clonal origin of colonies during cell line development. This application explains how the Cell Metric® can fit in to a cell line development workflow to meet this need.

High throughput hybridoma based antibody discovery

This application note demonstrates how the Cell Metric® is able to greatly improve the traditional hybridoma approach for generating new antibodies as a precursor to stable cell line development.

Video Library

“All-in-one” single cell cloning system – short video

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Cell Metric CLD
Video to illustrate the incubated plate loader and cassettes (courtesy of Horizon Discovery)
Webinar (February 2018)
“Higher Confidence of Clonality”
Regulatory Guidance on Clonality
Interviews with Former FDA CDER Reviewer, Dr Audrey Jia
Episode 1: Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices in Cell Line Development
Episode 2: Importance and Utility of Dedicated Imaging in Cell Line Development

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