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Leaping Ahead with the Latest Technology

June 2020 - In this webinar, Mark Stockdale and Oren Beske, Amalgamators of Business and Biology at Solentim and ATUM respectively, discuss the essential pillars of cell line development, the practices revolutionizing workflow efficacy, and the best technologies to streamline your lab. They focus on accelerating cell line development (CLD) while maintaining the quality of the process, increasing efficiency and decreasing regulatory queries.

Advanced Cell Growth Supplements

June 2020 - In this webinar, Duncan Borthwick (Solentim), Steve Game and Alasdair Robertson (Founding Directors of SAL Scientific) discuss the cell growth supplements range from SAL, and how they are revolutionizing workflow efficiency and speed. The team explore the key stages of the cell line development workflow, and the impact of supplements on each.

Reliable single cell outgrowth - Dark art or Science?

October 2019 - In this GEN webinar, we discuss how the VIPS™ system, in combination with the InstiGRO™ single-cell cloning supplements offer customers a high-efficiency solution which ensures plates are populated with high numbers of healthy single cells that grow into resultant colonies for screening, expansion and ultimately selection for master cell banks..

Doubling Cell-Line Development Speeds with VIPS

November 2018:  Tom Kelly, Janssen, discusses his use of Solentim’s VIPS™ system. He explains why Janssen moved away from older generation CLD technology using Clonepix and the benefits the VIPS has provided.

Case Study Downloads

“Doubling the Speed of Cell Line Development in a Large Pharmaceutical Company”

Using Solentim’s VIPS technology, Janssen Pharmaceuticals has halved cell line development (CLD) workflow times whilst still meeting clonality requirements for regulators. Download the case study now to find out the many benefits of the VIPS System, including the combination with ATUM’s transposases, and to discover how this approach is revolutionising Janssen’s CLD workflow.

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“Cutting Cell Line Development Timelines from 6 months to Less Than 13 weeks”

By transitioning to use a combination of Solentim’s VIPS and Cell Metric CLD products, as opposed to the previously used ClonePix (picking from semi-solid media) technology, Genmab significantly slashed workflow times. Learn more about the practical benefits that this has already delivered for the company and the motivations behind Genmab’s technology shift.

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“Reducing the Timeline by 30% to Produce a Monoclonal Cell Line Expressing a Clinical Candidate Bi-Specific Antibody”

SystImmune’s chosen path forward to prove clonality was to introduce the Solentim Cell Metric CLD into their cell line development process. The Cell Metric can image the entire well and provide a sharp image of a single cell on Day 0 which is critical proof of a single cell and will allow for a single round of cloning.

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Application Notes (downloads)

Single Cell Seeding Conditions for improved colony outgrowth

Optimising colony outgrowth for HD-BIOP3 with the VIPS together with InstiGRO supplements

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Combining VIPS and ATUM to Accelerate Commercial Cell Line Manufacturing

Development of commercial manufacturing cell lines by screening less than 200 clones using a combination of ATUM's Leap-In transposases with the VIPS and Cell Metric from Solentim.

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Methods for fluorescence qualification of your cloning methods

A thorough review of potential workflow approaches to cloning method qualification and quality control using the fluorescence Cell Metric application.


Growth rate monitoring in cell line development

The Cell Metric imaging platform enables clone outgrowth to be monitored using confluence after single cell seeding, as well as monitoring colony formation as part of a clone screening and selection process, thereby optimising workflows. Read more here about how the Cell Metric could streamline your cell line development processes.

High throughput hybridoma based antibody discovery

The Cell Metric can greatly improve traditional practices of hybridoma colony identification and monitoring. Our imaging technology enhances the discovery of new hybridoma clones whose novel sequences can be used as precursors to antibodies in stable cell line development or for diagnostic antibodies. Read more here.

Single cell cloning of FACS-sensitive cells using the VIPS

In this presentation to BPI 2019, Celonic detail significantly improved timelines for CLD using a reduced number of cell plates, which enables delivery of more projects per year with assured clonality.

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Clone imaging and proof of clonality

Using the  Cell Metric® imaging platform the clonal origin of colonies can be established during cell line development, providing a clear image of the cell and its subsequent growth for documentation. Find out more about how the Cell Metric can help you meet regulatory requirements.

Posters (downloads)

High throughput generation of CRISPR knock-out cell line panels (Poster by AZ, 2019)

Use of the Cell Metric CLD in combination with arrayed CRISPR gRNA libraries for subcloning and isolating homozygous knockouts.  Request copy of the AZ poster

Assurance of Monoclonality of Recombinant CHO Cell Lines using High Resolution Imaging

This paper focuses on the main areas of investigation performed at FDM to integrate the Solentim Cell Metric into their CLD workflow; including the assessment of suitability of a range of 96 and 384 well microplates and animal component free medium types. Read more here.

Proof that can travel – Documented clonality report for regulatory submission

Clonality is a key element of cell line development and is an important component of a regulatory submission.This poster shows an illustrative Clonality Report generated from raw data with a commercial CHO cell line, using Cell Metric CLD. Download the Poster from Solentim.

Utilizing Cell Imaging Technology to Shorten Timelines and Reduce Development

Reducing cell line development timelines and resources is a key goal in the generation of bio-manufacturing cell lines. Download the Poster from SAFC

Brochure Downloads

Video Library

Short clip: Solentim’s “All-in-One” single cell cloning system

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Customer Testimonials

Angela Tuckowski, Associate Scientist at Janssen explains her experiences with VIPS

Cell Metric CLD
Technology in action: Cell Metric CLD incubated plate loader and cassettes (courtesy of Horizon Discovery)
Regulatory Guidance on Clonality
Interviews with Former FDA CDER Reviewer, Dr Audrey Jia
For companies involved in cell line development for biotherapeutics, both interviews are valuable to watch
Episode 1: Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices in Cell Line Development
Episode 2: Importance and Utility of Dedicated Imaging in Cell Line Development

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