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Insightful, valuable, and detailed Posters from Solentim.  Learn how our biopharmaceutical instruments have been used by customers for single cell cloning, tracking outgrowth and producing stable cell lines.

Cell Line Development ECOSYSTEM Poster

Solentim instruments generate insightful, high-quality data to aid cell selection, when combined and analyzed by STUDIUS, offers a one-stop cell line development solution.

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High throughput generation of CRISPR knock-out cell line panels (Poster by AZ, 2019)

Use of the Cell Metric CLD in combination with arrayed CRISPR gRNA libraries for subcloning and isolating homozygous knockouts.

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Utilizing Cell Imaging Technology to Shorten Timelines and Reduce Development

Reducing cell line development timelines and resources is a key goal in the generation of bio-manufacturing cell lines.

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Assurance of Monoclonality of Recombinant CHO Cell Lines using High Resolution Imaging

This paper focuses on the main areas of investigation performed at FDM to integrate the Solentim Cell Metric into their CLD workflow; including the assessment of suitability of a range of 96 and 384 well microplates and animal component free medium types.

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Proof that can travel – Documented clonality report for regulatory submission

Clonality is a key element of cell line development and is an important component of a regulatory submission.This poster shows an illustrative Clonality Report generated from raw data with a commercial CHO cell line, using Cell Metric CLD.

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