Clarity in cell line development

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“Doubling the Speed of Cell Line Development in a Large Pharmaceutical Company”

Using Solentim’s VIPS technology, Janssen Pharmaceuticals has halved cell line development (CLD) workflow times whilst still meeting proof of clonality requirements for regulators. Download the case study now to find out the many benefits of the VIPS System, including the combination with ATUM’s transposases, and to discover how this approach to single cell cloning is revolutionising Janssen’s CLD workflow.

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“Cutting Cell Line Development Timelines from 6 months to Less Than 13 weeks”

By transitioning to use a combination of Solentim’s VIPS and Cell Metric CLD products, as opposed to the previously used ClonePix (picking from semi-solid media) technology, Genmab significantly slashed workflow times over competing single cell cloning methods. Learn more about the practical benefits that this has already delivered for the company and the motivations behind Genmab’s technology shift.

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“Reducing the Timeline by 30% to Produce a Monoclonal Cell Line Expressing a Clinical Candidate Bi-Specific Antibody”

SystImmune’s chosen path forward to proof of clonality was to introduce the Solentim Cell Metric CLD into their cell line development process. The Cell Metric cell imaging system can image the entire well and provide a sharp image of a single cell on Day 0 which is critical proof of a single cell and will allow for a single round of cloning.

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