Access insightful, webinars that provide insight and customer experiences into stable cell line development resources and commentary. Learn how our cell line development technology has been used by customers to produce stable cell lines.

New Standards in Efficient Single Cell Cloning of hiPSCs

September 2020 - In this webinar, Ian Taylor (Chief Business Officer at Solentim) and Philip Manos (Founder, President & Scientific Director at EverCell Bio) discuss how numerous hiPSC cell lines can be successfully subcloned in a robust and automated fashion using the VIPS™ single cell cloning instrument in combination with a new soluble matrix called MatriClone™ , thereby reducing time and cost while most importantly maintaining the integrity of clonal biology.

Leaping Ahead with the Latest Technology

June 2020 - In this webinar, Mark Stockdale and Oren Beske, Amalgamators of Business and Biology at Solentim and ATUM respectively, discuss the essential pillars of cell line development, the practices revolutionizing workflow efficacy, and the best technologies to streamline your lab. They focus on accelerating cell line development (CLD) while maintaining the quality of the process, increasing efficiency and decreasing regulatory queries.

Advanced Cell Growth Supplements

June 2020 - In this webinar, Duncan Borthwick (Solentim), Steve Game and Alasdair Robertson (Founding Directors of SAL Scientific) discuss the cell growth supplements range from SAL, and how they are revolutionizing workflow efficiency and speed. The team explore the key stages of the cell line development workflow, and the impact of supplements on each.

Reliable single cell outgrowth - Dark art or Science?

October 2019 - In this GEN webinar, we discuss how the VIPS™ system, in combination with the InstiGRO™ single-cell cloning supplements offer customers a high-efficiency solution which ensures plates are populated with high numbers of healthy single cells that grow into resultant colonies for screening, expansion and ultimately selection for master cell banks..

Doubling Cell-Line Development Speeds with VIPS

November 2018:  Tom Kelly, Janssen, discusses his use of Solentim’s VIPS™ system. He explains why Janssen moved away from older generation CLD technology using Clonepix and the benefits the VIPS has provided.

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