Develop manufacturing cell lines by screening <200 clones

Traditional methods of cell line development rely on screening thousands of clones to identify just a few high producers, commonly relying on fluorescent screening. This approach is outdated and has been superseded.

Using clever vector design and targeted gene integration, it is possible to create stable populations, with high, predictable expression of the GOI.

The key to this step change is transposases, which shift clonal distribution massively towards high producing clones, as shown in the figure below.

Typical clonal distribution for Leap-In Transposase (ATUM) mediated stable integration. In this example, 62% of clones are in the first quartile for productivity

Superior alternative to historical methods of clone screening

  • Eliminate fluorescence screening using transposases for vector design, generating a majority of high producers within the clonal distribution
  • Single round of cloning
  • Analytical assurance of clonality from image of cell in the droplet on the VIPS and whole well image on the Cell Metric

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