High Efficiency Single Cell Seeding and Proof of Clonality

VIPS™ (Verified in-situ plate seeding) is a unique All-in-One instrument which does the work of two instruments

  1. VIPS™ performs single cell seeding into 96 well plates and verifies the success of this process by imaging the nanolitre (nL) volume droplets.
  2. Performs the whole well imaging of the single cell for the assurance of clonality requirements.

Precision Imaging for Analytical Clonal Derivation

Regulators need clear supporting details to evaluate procedures and processes associated with the clonal derivation. Data, such as images in support of what happened during cell bank generation should be available for review and consideration.

Solentim uses a high resolution cell imaging system to give an analytical assurance of clonal derivation, and ultimately being able to provide users a harmonised Clonality Report.

Here’s why you should consider VIPS for your next CLD Project

Improved timelines for CLD

  • More projects per year
  • Streamlined CLD process
  • Same enrichment properties

Reduced amount of plates

  • Same amount of clones
  • Faster Handling
  • More Imaging

Proof of Clonality

  • Higher Quality Pictures
  • Computer-assisted assessment of clonality
  • Automated reports


Don’t just take our word for it

Download the Case Study and learn how Janssen halved their CLD project completion times

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