Cell Therapy: New Application Note

Standardizing the process for viable, high efficiency single cell cloning of hiPSCs whilst ensuring maintenance of phenotype

As the interest in the therapeutic value of iPSCs accelerates, so does the need to establish the regulatory framework and best practice in this area.

In this second application note in the series, Solentim describes how several different hiPSC lines have been successfully subcloned in a robust and automated fashion using the platform technology combination of VIPS™ and MatriClone™ .

Higher Viability - Improved Outgrowth

Starting with enhanced seeding efficiency and gentle seeding from VIPS and adding new levels of growth support with MatriClone, this new workflow demonstrates enhanced performance over current methodologies and matrices whilst maintaining stem cell pluripotency.


Maintaining Pluripotency

This method has been shown to reduce time and cost while most importantly maintaining the cell phenotype and genomic integrity via karyotyping as well providing documented evidence of cell line clonality.

Assurance of Clonality

The VIPS system offers an industry-accepted ‘double lock’ methodology to record quality evidence of clonality. This data, wrapped up in a clonality report, is designed to meet the needs of Regulators when they review IND applications for new therapeutics.



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