Clarity in cell line development

Optimising workflows

Solentim provides streamlined workflows for the creation, isolation and characterization of high value cells in areas including cell line development, vaccine production, cell and gene therapy.

Novel Biotherapeutics Workflow

Cell Line Development for Biotherapeutics

Generate stable cell lines that create producing novel recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies or therapeutic proteins for rare diseases

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Vaccine Technology Workflows

Vaccine Technology and Production with Mammalian Cells

Isolate, screen and characterise attributes for clones producing novel recombinant sub-unit protein and monoclonal antibody vaccines

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Gene Therapy Vector Production

Virus Manufacturing for Gene Therapy

From the selection of high producer clones to the development of stable vector producer cell lines, explore our simplified workflows for gene therapy applications

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Precision Gene Editing

Cell Engineering and Precision Gene Editing

Optimise your drug discovery process using targeted gene editing to create stable cell lines as cellular reagents, for use in target validation, functional genomics and disease modelling

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"Leaping Ahead in Cell Line Development with the Latest Technology"

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