Clone documentation for regulatory

The Clonality Report comes as standard on the Cell Metric and Cell Metric CLD.

Clonality Report

These reports follow the valuable user-selected clonal wells from single cell to colony throughout the growth period with an image series (whole well and single cell image) in order to provide full time-and date-stamped data information for the well from the colony back to the single cell starting point.

Annotation is possible of the single cell and any other features e.g. debris. The reports are generated in minutes in PDF or PowerPoint presentation formats which can be exported and shared with interested parties e.g. disease groups as end customers.

Remote data viewer software enables the user to analyse data and generate clonality reports from their office computer.

For Pharma companies, when looking at potential new drug targets and filing for IP, the documentation of the clones will be very valuable to support their claims.

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