Screening clones for gene edits

After using our systems to generate and document the single cell clones, customers will go on to screen clones for the desired gene edit using a variety of techniques, which could include:

  • PCR - amplifying the target site and looking for band shifts or loss/gain of a PCR product resulting from loss/gain of a primer site.
  • SURVEYOR Assay - this is a gold-standard assay for screening for heterozygous clones (knock-outs or knock-ins)
  • Restriction digest assay (RFLP) - if the targeting strategy is designed in such a way that a restriction site is lost or gained, this can be used to screen for targeted clones.
  • Sequencing – simple Sanger sequencing or multiplexed NGS
  • Immunoblots or Western blotting – absence of the protein can be confirmed for gene knock-outs