Productivity Assessments

It is generally accepted  in cell line development and early stage cell culture that there is no point in trying to assess productivity of clones too early when they are in the cloning plates and in static culture.

In the cloning plate, the meaningful information is whether the cells grew and the relative growth rate or doubling times.
Once the clones are in shaking fed-batch culture, then assessments can start to be made about protein productivity and titre. Many customers now do this using 24 DWP in shaking incubators.

Existing technology for measuring specific productivity and titre has several disadvantages including large sample volume needed, sequential counting of one sample at a time, and high consumable running costs. Additionally, where people try and manually prepare/dilute the samples for cell counting, this leads to the biggest source of error.

Given that sample numbers are still quite large, the need is for a system which can count viable cell number very accurately for many samples in parallel, using small volumes of sample and alongside a protein productivity assay so that titres and specific productivity can be established.

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