Workflow Efficiency Improvements

There are improvements to be made at several steps of the process. These contribute to an overall improvement through the combined effect of the complete Solentim offering.

At the single cell seeding stage the VIPS delivers a plate which is seeded at much higher efficiency. This means that per project, you will have a lot less plates to image and further process.

Then using the Cell Metric imager for assurance of clonality, you will only need to do a single round of cloning instead of two rounds.

Using a barcode system on the plates will eliminate errors in terms of clone history and data tracking.

Finally, the Clonality Report generates a tamper-proof reliable report including relevant images for the end-customer, be that a client at a CRO or the regulator for an IND filing. These reports literally only take minutes to annotate and generate, and can be emailed in electronic format.

From a user perspective, VIPS and Cell Metric share a common software interface for ease of use. Batch information only needs to be entered once and then is carried through automatically. VIPS data will also be added to the Clonality Report for even more complete tracking and assurance.

Proposed workflow improvements using the VIPS-CLD combination compared with existing approaches

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Workflow flow diagram

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