Single cell seeding

The requirements are to dispense single cells from a population into wells of 96 well microtiter plates.

This should be done at high efficiency so that most wells contain a single cell and they need to be viable so they grow into a colony over the next few days.

Depending on virus type, this seeding process will be required for the packaging cells line and the producer cell lines.

Cell types used by customers can be either adherent or suspension-adapted e.g. HEK293, 293T, HeLa.

Based on the cell types used, FACS and Cell Printers are not very good for adherent cells, and hence many customers still use a limiting dilutions approach.

Solentim have now developed a system called the VIPS as the potentially preferred approach for stable cell line development groups and which should be gentle on adherent cells.

The VIPS will generate a resultant plate (see image below) with high cloning efficiency in around 10 minutes and due to the gentle nature of the dispensing method, most of these wells will go on and grow up successfully.

VIPS System

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