Commercialise promising Biologics faster with the Solentim VIPS™ and Partner Eco-system

At Solentim, we are building a powerful ‘eco-system’ of partners, the sole purpose of which is to enable faster, more productive outcomes in Cell Line Development projects.

Pairing InstiGRO™ Supplements with VIPS™
Using the gentle, high efficiency seeding of our VIPS™ single cell cloning system in combination with the InstiGRO™ supplement in cell media ensures that a significantly higher proportion of wells in the cloning plates will make it to colonies.

This powerful combination dramatically increases the likelihood of a high-producing clone surviving the single cell stage of CLD and being picked.

ATUM Leap-in™ and VIPS™
This is ultimate synergistic game changer.  Leap-in™ transposases shift the clonal distribution massively towards high producing clones; 62% of clones are shown to be in the first quartile for productivity.

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