Discover enhanced CLD productivity with the Solentim VIPS™ and Partner Eco-system

At Solentim, we are building a powerful ‘eco-system’ of partners, the sole purpose of which is to enable faster, more productive outcomes in Cell Line Development projects.

Pairing InstiGRO™ Supplements with VIPS™
Using the gentle, high efficiency seeding of our VIPS™ single cell cloning system in combination with the InstiGRO™ supplement in cell media ensures that a significantly higher proportion of wells in the cloning plates will make it to colonies.

This powerful combination dramatically increases the likelihood of a high-producing clone surviving the single cell stage of CLD and being picked.

Making Fluorescence Redundant with ATUM Leap-in™ and VIPS™
This is game changer – Leap-in™ transposases shift the clonal distribution massively towards high producing clones; 62% of clones are shown to be in the first quartile for productivity.  In practical terms, this nw entirely removes any rationale for fluorescence, as the majority of clones from transfection will inherently be high producers.


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